Student Feedback

“I enjoyed the class [….] I got a lot out of it and even though I still get nervous publicly speaking overall I do feel better and more organized.”

~Public speaking student, El Camino College

“[Kari was] extremely supportive and understanding. I felt, at the end of the semester, that as a Professor [she] pushed us because she knew that we all had it in us to do the best that we can do.”

~Public speaking student, Woodbury University

“Kari is great. She makes an otherwise boring course accessible and easy to get into. Not to mention, she was able to get guest speakers for nearly every class, which I think has been very effective and beneficial, not to mention impressive.”

~Media professions student, Woodbury University

“She made the class fun. Every class was a new topic and she would explain the material super well [….] She really cares about her students and all I can say is that I hope to have her again in another class.”

~Intro to media studies student, Woodbury University

“Encourages us to come see her. She taught me how to learn from my mistakes and shortfalls on assignments until I eventually figured out how to do them correctly. Her teaching style that involves allowing students to make up failed speeches was very effective in helping me become a better public speaker and building off and improving past attempts.”

~Public speaking student, University of Southern California

“Professor Storla is an incredible professor who taught this class in a fabulous way. I was nervous going into it, but she provided me with more knowledge than I expected to obtain about argumentation. The assigned readings were actually helpful […] and her class discussions were helpful as well.”

~Argumentation and advocacy student, University of Southern California

“She was always available to talk about papers and class concepts—after class and during office hours. She was proactive in wanting to shape the class to be the best for learning. She cares about how the students feel about how the course is going.”

~Communication and culture student, University of Southern California